CHK Solutions is responsible for providing the grower with the best products of the most powerful brands of the cannabis industry

Professionalize the world of cannabis. That is the main objective of CHK Solutions, according to Julien Graille, its director. We met him last March at Expogrow Business Barcelona, ​​where we had the opportunity to learn more about CHK, its business and his director’s perception of the future of marijuana and the cannabis industry in Spain.

Graille highlights the role of CHK Solutions as support for the growers throughout the growing phase, from the first step to the last. Terralba was one the brands that they brought to Expogrow Business Barcelona. This brand provides 100% organic land for the cultivation of marijuana; but the star product of the fair was Triminator, which enters into action in the final phase of the cultivation of marijuana: pruning. It is a bud trimming machine that saves hours of work.

Apart from talking about the services offered by CHK Solutions, Graille stopped to stress the importance of events such as Expogrow Business Barcelona, ​​The Arcview Group Forum or others in this field: “The more professionals we bring, the less image of stoners we transmit,” he says. And it is essential for the cannabis industry to get rid of established stereotypes for years to show the world its strength and its importance in society.

“We don’t talk about cannabis industry here yet, but this is the key,” He says. Just as in the United States this concept is generally accepted, he believes that in Europe there is still that step that ends up giving the seriousness that deserves to a booming sector that promises to give great surprises in the coming years.

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