Adelanto is a town in California that has benefited from the legalization of marijuana and has refloated thanks to taxes on the cannabis industry

Adelanto is 135 kilometers north of Los Angeles and near the route to Las Vegas, a small town of just over 30,000 inhabitants in the Mojave Desert that has seen the light thanks to nothing more and nothing less than marijuana and its industry. The municipal coffers have gone from having a debt of 2.5 million dollars to have some reserves of 1.5 million, a change propitiated by a proper name, Manuel Serrano, Mexican businessman and visible head of a group of visionaries who are making Adelanto the cannabis mecca.

Jet Room is the name of his cannabis dispensary, which reaches 22,000 square meters for the cultivation of marijuana and other activities, such as the processing of cannabis derivatives. An amount that is expected to increase, either as a result of the expansion of his company or of others that decide to invest in Adelanto, due to the fresh air that has meant the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in the state of California in January.

So to speak, Adelanto has revived thanks to marijuana. What was a town destined to disappear, about to be withdrawn from the town hall, is today a promising town with countless possibilities within the cannabis industry. This despite the initial reluctance of its mayor, Richard Kerr, republican and always contrary to the consumption of marijuana. He has ended up yielding to the evidence. Not only that cannabis has saved Adelanto from bankruptcy, but that marijuana and its cultivation has benefits beyond those that are merely economic.

The estimates of Serrano for the following years are a profit of 1,440 million dollars for 40 companies of the 60 that today are licensed to grow cannabis in Adelanto. A number that would leave in the municipal coffers approximately 70 million, according to calculates of the Mexican businessman. With an annual budget of 17 million, taxes on marijuana are the largest source of income in the city, which also begins to notice the consequences of this particular business boom as the decline in youth unemployment.

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