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The legal marijuana industry is booming. More and more companies are joining the cannabis industry, which is becoming more and more important in society and economy in the USA and worldwide. In addition, cannabis has entered fully into politics, assuming a differential factor between different parties that advocate or not for legalizing it and including it in their plans.

Adelanto, the bankrupt town saved by marijuana

The legalization of marijuana for recreational use has been a breath of fresh air for Adelanto, a California town of just over 30,000 that is enjoying the benefits of the cannabis industry.

Blimburn Seeds and the future of the cannabis industry | Blimburn...

Do not miss the new Blimburn TV program. We interview Sergio Martínez, from BBG Projects and Blimburn Seeds. In our meeting, he spoke about his cannabis seeds bank genetics, the future of the cannabis industry and the potential of Spain as a marijuana producer.

Spanish banks invest in the cannabis market

Cannabis industry is unstoppable. Meanwhile, more and more banks are deciding to invest in the world of marijuana. Countries like Canada will be a mirror for the rest of the world in which to look during the next years.

This congresswoman compares cannabis industry with UFO sighting companies

Maxine Waters and Joyce Beatty, US congresswomen of the Democratic Party, are reluctant to public investment in the cannabis industry. This has been reflected in their recent interventions, comparing companies in the marijuana sector with UFO sighting companies.

Blimburn Seeds launches its new line of cannabis seeds

The new line of cannabis seeds from Blimburn Seeds is a winning template. 14 varieties that combine the most classic with the most revolutionary gannetics promise to offer spectacular performance, supreme quality and unparalleled flavor. Do not miss it!

Cannabis graduate, the career of the future

Are you looking for a degree adapted to your needs? Are you a cannabis lover? Then this educational offer from Northern Michigan University is for you. Degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry is a degree to study the cannabis industry and medicinal properties of marijuana, among other issues.

Spannabis Barcelona 2018, one of the most important cannabis fairs in...

Spannabis Barcelona 2018 was a resounding success. Fira of Cornellá hosted more than 250 brands of the cannabis industry and thousands of marijuana lovers, who have enjoyed the latest developments in the sector in a great and funny environment.

Expogrow Business Barcelona 2018, a resounding success | Blimburn TV #167

Expogrow Business Barcelona gathered 150 companies from the cannabis sector in an event dedicated exclusively to professionals, to exchange ideas and do business.

Croatia will have a spa with cannabis treatments

Enjoying health tourism and cannabis is now possible. A spa in Croatia will open a specific center for individualized medical treatments with marijuana as a base.

Marijuana enters Wall Street

Canadian companies in the marijuana sector, Emerald Health Therapeutics and Cronos Group, are already listed on the Nasdaq, the second most powerful stock market in the United States.
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