What is and how to fight “pálida”?

If you are an usual smoker you have surely suffered it already


Surely most know the “pálida”, but what exactly and how to counteract its effects?

Most marijuana users have surely suffered once the well-known “pálida” after consuming a bit more cannabis than is recommended, but what is the famous “pale”? We tell you below, accompanied by a fun and explanatory video from Cogollando.

The “pálida” comes without warning and when you don’t expect it, and is one of the most unpleasant effects of marijuana smoking. Suddenly it causes a dizziness, nausea and weakness feeling because it is, after all, a drop in blood pressure, in this case aggravated by the effects of marijuana in our body. They are symptoms that treated quickly and in the right way can easily be counteracted to regain energy and recover activity as quickly as possible.

The “pálida” one is not always caused by an excessive cannabis consumption, as one might think, but it can appears in more ways. Marijuana and alcohol is often a bad combination. It is also a big mistake to have a bad or poor diet, which will undoubtedly cause us a lack of nutrients. Not being sufficiently hydrated, having not rested properly, being sick or in a too hot or humid environment are also winning tickets to end up suffering the so famous “pálida”.

As you may have noticed, the causes and the effects of the “pálida” are equal or similar to those of a drop in blood pressure. So, as in these cases, it is recommended to put your feet up, lie down or stand in a semi horizontal position, drink a good amount of water and eat sweet food. This will help us to recover quickly, learn the lesson and not smoke marijuana again without being prepared for it. Because “yes”, including consuming drugs it is very important to feel healthy.

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