Endocannabinoid system in human body

Rafael Mechoulam discovered THC and CBD at the 60's


The endocannabinoid system of our body regulates activities as vital as motor coordination or neuroprotection

The video presented by CANNA Foundation to explain a vital and essential knowledge in the field of cannabis medicine begins by assaulting the viewer directly with the following question: “Did you know that cannabis has been used as a medicinal plant since almost the beginning of times?”. Then they explain in a simple, didactic and very visual way the revolution that has led to the discovery of the endocannabinoid system and the possibilities it offers to medicine in the near future.

Putting ourselves in context, the video tells how, over the years, marijuana was being replaced by opiates to the point of disappearing from the map until nothing more and nothing less than the beginning of the 60s, when an Israeli scientist synthesized one of the main active components of the plant. This is how Rafael Mechoulam discovered the THC cannabinoid. At the time he also discovered CBD. The Israeli scientist discovered the ability of this component to connect with many of the cells in our body.

The video continues explaining how in the 90s a new step was taken in the field of cannabis medicine, discovering in our organism a naturally secreted cannabinoid, called Anandamida, which is part of a larger system of cellular communication in our body , known since then as endocannabinoid system. This is related to the self-regulatory developments of our body and intervenes in a vital way in numerous processes such as motor coordination or neuroprotection. This is why is useful to fight against diseases like Parkinson.

Cannabinoids discovering has revolutionized the study of the main processes of our body, opening a new field such as cannabis medicine, which helps to alleviate many ailments and diseases such as chronic pain or epilepsy, among others.

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