10 marijuana effects

Laugther and hunger are some of the most known cannabis effects


Thirst, hunger, eye redness or dry mouth are some of marijuana effects

Could you say one by one all the effects of cannabis consumption? If you are a regular smoker you would probably know most of them, including is effectivity figthing sleeping problems like insomnia or apnea, but even so, maybe you did not realize everyone. For the initiates or simple interested in the world of cannabis, we present this video with the 10 marijuana effects:

Hunger and thirst

The endocannabinoid system of our body is altered with the presence of THC contained in cannabis. It clings to our receptors making the brain think we need to eat.

Eyes redness

The arteries of our eyes expand when we smoke marijuana, reducing eye pressure. A very useful effect for treatments such as glaucoma.

Memory loss

Although only in short-term events, THC can cause difficulty remembering things as the hippocampus of our brain is affected. Thus, a 2013 study found that marijuana consumption in high doses among adolescents can cause abnormalities in brain structure.

Dry mouth

THC in marijuana distorts the salivary glands functioning, automatically generating a sensation of thirst.


THC, absorbed by the blood flow and affecting the brain, secretes dopamine and endorphins as occurs when we practize some sports, we fall in love or have sex. They are the hormones of happiness.

Sensory increasing

It has not been demonstrated through a large-scale study, but it is considered subjectively that the use of marijuana can alter the cannabinoid receptors of the brain in such a way that some senses may be improved temporarily.

Time distorsion

Marijuana affects the flow of blood in our body, also in our brain, including the part that regulates muscle activity linked to the time perception.


Although the effects of THC last from one to three hours, it can produce an acute psychosis taken in high doses. That is why its consumption is always recommended in moderation.


Active cannabinoids mimic the effects of our body’s sleep regulators. That is why cannabis is used to fight diseases such as sleep apnea or insomnia.


Undoubtedly one of the most pleasant side effects. Cannabis increases blood flow in the right frontal lobe of the brain, linked to humor. This multiplies if everyone around you laughs too.

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