Medical marijuana for pets

Cannabis is also useful for pets treatments


A veterinarian from Tampa (Florida, USA) is pioneer in using cannabis with her patients

Just as many doctors are prescribing marijuana to their patients, there are also veterinarians who do the same with people who bring their pets to their clinics. It is a confirmed reality for a long time in the USA, where animals, the same as humans, benefit from active ingredients of the plant.

A holistic veterinarian from Tampa (Florida, USA) is pioneer in this kind of treatments with cannabis. Both in humans an animals, marijuana is used in very varied cases like arthritis, muscle and lung problems or even cancer. In all cases cannabis helps to improve their aches or palliate strong pain.

The veterinarian offers to pets food, capsules and oils with cannabis as first ingredient. Oil, for example, is to alleviate pain and control convulsions, while food, biscuits, for example, is to stop nausea and other indications.

It is so another option to take into account when our pets need attention. Always under our veterinarian prescription, of course.

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