Marijuana, a remedy for post-traumatic stress


Cannatonic, Northern Lights and Headband are three of the most effective cannabis strains to treat post-traumatic stress with marijuana

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a disease that can affect people who have experienced a traumatic situation such as sexual assault or military combat. The symptoms include insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, avoidance, depression, hypersensitivity, emotional outbursts or irritability.

It is relatively common for war veterans to be diagnosed with PTSD. According to the US government, 30% of Vietnam veterans, 10% of Gulf and 12% of Iraq and Afghanistan vets suffer from that.

They are usually prescribed with anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, sedatives and other highly addictive pills. And an average of 50 American veterans die every day from suicide or from overdose of these legal drugs.

Faced with this problem, many veterans have found in medical marijuana a complement or an alternative to these potent pharmaceutical products. A study conducted by the University of Western Ontario points out that CBD interacts with brain serotonin to disrupt the formation of negative associative memories. A study done in Brazil shows that the combination of CBD and THC is even more efficient at disrupting fear-memory reconsolidation which changes the way the brain recalls painful memories.

In the video above, Merry Jane recommends three varieties of marijuana to fight PTSD. The first one is Cannatonic which comes with high levels of CBD and low amount of THC is known to relieve anxiety and depression. For insomnia, the recommendation is Northern Lights, a sleepy indica known for its fast-acting abilities. For a hybrid, Headband is the chosen one, a strain which has euphoric hits and promotes body relaxation.

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