Check here all the necessary publications to know marijuana properties and applications. In these posts you can read in which States it is legal, how to get a medical marijuana card or watch everything related to marijuana effects, its multiple benefits and the different ways of consuming it: vaporizers, oils or topics, among many others. Marijuana as a medicinal remedy is a reality.

Do you suffer from migraines? CBD might be your salvation

CBD is the cannabis component that has the healing properties. In addition to counteracting the effects of THC, it regulates the body and fight pain and multiple diseases. Also headaches or migraines, which chase the sufferer throughout life.

Chile approves regulating the use of medicinal cannabis

Chile has taken a giant step towards the legalization of medicinal cannabis. The Parliament has approved its regularization and is pending its treatment in the Health Commission before it becomes a reality and the street could enjoy the benefits of therapeutic marijuana.

CBD to take care of your skin

CBD or Cannabidiol can be applied to the entire body. There are many products with this cannabinoid intended to reduce pain, moisturize the skin or generate a relaxing sensation. Among them, cannabis oil, hair mask or ointment for pain.

Croatia will have a spa with cannabis treatments

Enjoying health tourism and cannabis is now possible. A spa in Croatia will open a specific center for individualized medical treatments with marijuana as a base.

High CBD cannabis, the light marijuana

In 2017, Switzerland legalized high CBD cannabis with a minimum percentage of THC. Thus, little by little, marijuana is becoming part of societies around the world, ending the stigma of prohibited substance.

WHO defines CBD as “safe” and “non-addictive”

WHO declares that CBD is a safe substance and potentially useful as a medicinal remedy. However, THC is the psychoactive ingredient responsible for generating cannabis addiction.

4 marijuana effects on sleeping

It is demonstrate that cannabis helps to fight a lot of diseases. Also, sleeping problems like apnea or insomnia, instead of using chemical products.

10 marijuana effects

THC is the main responsible for the majority of cannabis effects, but there are others like time distorsion or hallucinations.

Endocannabinoid system in human body

Cannabinoids discovering has revolutionized the study of the main processes of our body, opening a new field such as cannabis medicine.

A man recovers miraculously from Parkinson with cannabis oil

In this video a patient eats cannabis oil and he recovers almost miraculously from Parkinson, overcoming his trembling and being able to speak normally
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