Weed nuns

Nature is their religion and cannabis is their Messiah


The Sisters of the Valley, California, sell medicinal marijuana since 2014

Nature is the religion of The Sisters of the Valley, California, and cannabis is their Messiah, but the habit does not make the nun, and this congregation is not formed for real nuns but activists coming from Occupy movement that sell marijuana balsams and unguents all around the world with the aim of healing sick people and encouraging women through job.

The habit exists because of their respect to the plant. They consider “they have been said a lot of lies and suffered disrespect for 100 years”. “Our medicine is medicine, it is not psychoative. We are working with hemp, but we defend legalization of the whole plant”, the say.

Catholics understand what we are doing”. These nuns have the conviction of when people stop thinking about “the superficial part of the plant” they will say: “Oh, they are healing cancer patients. They are serious women with a serious mission”.

These nuns of California have accomplished smoke all conventions and they are already known worldwide. A different and revolutionary congregation with great ideals and a very ambitious objective: make the world a better place thanks to therapeutic and responsible use of cannabis.

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