According to a Republican senator from Colorado, Trump will not interfere in the legislation of the states on cannabis

Relief for open US states regarding the medicinal and/or recreational use of marijuana. Cory Gardner, a Republican senator from Colorado, has said that President Donald Trump will not interfere with the decisions of the states on cannabis. This news is a breath of fresh air for the cannabis industry and the cannabis community in general, who see how one of their biggest fears, that Trump’s appointment as president brought restrictive laws at federal level, vanishes. At least, it seems that way, according to Gardner.

The Colorado senator says Trump “has always supported the rights of states to decide for themselves what is the best way to deal with marijuana”. “Late on Wednesday, I received a commitment from the President that the rescission of the Cole memo by the Department of Justice will not affect the legal marijuana industry in Colorado”, he continues.

These statements contrast with the decision taken at the beginning of 2018 by the Trump Administration. On January 4, a regulation approved by the Barack Obama government was abolished that prevented the interference of the federal executive in the states’ marijuana consumption policies. A more permissive legislation, a priori, than the current government of Donald Trump, despite these words of the senator from Colorado.

In the absence of federal legislation on the use of marijuana, everything indicates that finally the line on the legalization of cannabis will continue to be taken until now, leaving it to the states to decide their own future. To date, 29 have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis; for 8 that they have done with recreational consumption.

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