Canadian companies Emerald Heath Therapeutics or Cronos Group are listed on Nasdaq, the second-largest US stock exchange

On July 1, Canada will formalize the sale and consumption of recreational marijuana. From that moment, the North American country will become the leading one in the movement for cannabis legalization worldwide, promising a revolution that will not take long to occur. Until then, the strength of canadian companies in the cannabis sector will remain incontestable, although they are framed in the field of medical marijuana. Companies like Emerald Health Therapeutics or Cronos Group are already part of the Nasdaq, the second largest electronic and automated stock exchange in the United States. Just behind the New York Stock Exchange.

On February 28, Nasdaq welcomed Emerald Health Therapeutics as a new member, becoming the first company in the cannabis sector to enter this market. This company specializes in the cultivation and manufacture of medical marijuana, and since entering the Nasdaq is in an undeniable growing phase. As its CEO, Chris Wagner, says, “Emerald aims to build a growing and differentiated business that will provide significant value to shareholders.”

On the other hand, at the beginning of the month, Cronos Group became the first pure marijuana producer to be listed on the Nasdaq, joining GW Pharmaceutical or Emerald Health Therapeutics itself as companies in the cannabis sector to be listed on the stock exchange. Staying in this market will make it easier for these companies to get resources to finance their growth and thus obtain greater visibility not only at a continental level, but also on a global scale.

This fact shows that the stigma about cannabis is fading with the passage of time. Whether due to society awareness or because of news like this, which reflects how cannabis companies share market side by side with giants such as Apple or Microsoft, the legalization of marijuana is reaching all the corners of the planet, where in a few years cannabis will be available as a medicinal remedy as well as for recreational purposes.

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