Colorado raised 150 million from marijuana in 2016

Colorado and other States have decided to legalize marijuana


Pot shops earned more than 1.1 billion in the whole State

Cannabis industry has not stopped growing up since Colorado legalized marijuana in 2012. It provide the State with multiple benefits, not only economic ones. Once shops finally opened in 2014, cannabis industry has become one of the most growing ones in the United States.

In 2016 it has been known that pot shops earned more than 1.1 billion dollars, which make Colorado raised more than 150 million thanks to taxes on marijuana. These are higher in recreational cases and lower in therapeutic ones. The government invest de 40 per cent of it on public schools, for example, and other areas like infrastructures, healthcare programs or paying debts.

Despite of these numbers and the USA as a one of the most pioneer countries in the world in this topic, marijuana is still being included in the most restrictive group of drugs to federal laws next to heroine. Opium and cocaine are considered less dangerous than cannabis.

Even so, a lot of States keep maintaining cannabis as an illegal substance although population push more and more so as to its legalization because it will not only provide the state with economic benefits, but also with a lot of new jobs.

Meanwhile, in other countries such as Canada or Uruguay, marijuana is already entirely among the legal substances, apt to be consumed, sold and cultivated under a series of predetermined rules that regulate its situation and also favor the progress of the country thanks to the income from taxes on cannabis.

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