Be informed of cannabis news from USA. Follow the information about marijuana legislation and activist movement in the different States as Colorado or California, and everything related to Donald Trump marijuana policy.

marihuana wall street cannabis

Marijuana enters Wall Street

Canadian companies in the marijuana sector, Emerald Health Therapeutics and Cronos Group, are already listed on the Nasdaq, the second most powerful stock market in the United States.
weed nuns cannabis

Weed nuns

The Sisters of The Valle is a group of nuns who sell medical marijuana since 2014 and ensure that cannabis is their Messiah.
Colorado marijuana taxes

Colorado raised 150 million from marijuana in 2016

Colorado is one of the USA States that have decided to legalize marijuana.
legalización de la marihuana Estados Unidos

Record-high support for marijuana legalization in US history

Support for marijuana legalization in the United States is higher than ever. With 61%, five points more than a year ago, it is at the historic high and adventure a paradigm shift in the coming years.
medical cannabis legal

Opiate deaths reduce by 25% where medical cannabis is legal

Opiate deaths reduce by 25% where medical cannabis is legal Nearly two million Americans are addicted to or abusing opiate-based prescription drugs   A study published in...
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