“Mamá Cultiva”, mothers that cultivate marijuana for their children

Valeria Salech is a "criminal" in her country, Argentina


Mothers whose children suffer autism, cancer or epilepsy cultivate cannabis for medicinal use

Valeria Salech is a “criminal” in her country, Argentina. Her crime is cultivating marijuana and giving its extract to her child, who suffers autism. Two drops are the daily dose. The improvement appears in a matter of hours. Effects that Valeria does not get since decades, when she gave her son a cocktail of medicines prescribed by doctors. Valeria leads a group called Mamá Cultiva, formed by moms that give the substance to their children, autism, cancer or epilepsy patients.

“Your boy changes from being stopped and looking to anywhere to a boy who smile at you, and you can not believe it. It is the best sensation in the world. Ten year past to live this moment. A moment in which he laughs at the TV or share his smile with you”.

Medicinal consumption in Argentina is being legalized, but self-cultivating is still being a crime. Self-cultivating allows these mothers avoiding commercialization while let them take care of the exact quantity for their children’s treatments.

“Meanwhile, we keep cultivating, being criminals, because we can not wait for medicine and science times”, ends Valeria.

All the activity of this group of solidary mothers can be found on their website, where they also publish news related to cannabis activism and current events regarding the legalization and regulation of marijuana all around the world. They also have a discussion forum available to solve doubts to all those who need instructions to treat their children’s diseases after traditional remedies have not worked.

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