Cannabis Cycle: youth activism on wheels

Cannabis Cycle is one of the many ways of cannabis activism


A large group of Colombians meet in Bogotá every week to fight for the legalization of marijuana

Cannabis activism pro legalization is a revolutionary movement in both its ideas and its ways to express them. We have seen it in a lot of ways, but one of the most surprising has been seen in Bogotá, Colombia. Each week, a group of young people gathers to start a bicycle tour through the neighborhoods of the city and spread their fight.

As one of the Cannabis Cycle activists points out, “cannabis is a peaceful movement of cannabis cyclists and young people who are fighting for a space, for the prohibitions to end and stop being pointed out and stigmatized”.

The use of the bicycle gives them mobility and allows them to be known throughout the city. Also, meeting people who think differently and talk face-to-face about cannabis legislation. All in order to speak about marijuana to the entire population whether are or not in favor of legalization.

It could be thought that it is a young movement or that only cannabis users take part, but the truth is that there are both men and women, young and old people. There are even cases of workers who just go out from working, take their bikes and go with their colleagues to fight their considered legitimate rights.

This Cannabis Biking is another example of the fact that activism in favor of legalization is more alive than ever and maintains its peaceful modus operandi until someday it will not be necessary to go out and protest a bicycles. That day cannabis will be completely legal.

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