Canarian Parliament calls for legalization of marijuana


Canarian Parliament calls for legalization of marijuana

All political parties, except the conservative Popular Party, have called on the Spanish Congress to discuss its therapeutic and social use


A non-legislative proposal approved by all the political groups present in the Canarian Parliament, except the right-wing Popular Party, calls on the Spanish Congress, the body with the assigned powers, to discuss the need to regulate the medical and even the recreational use of marijuana,  as it happens with alcohol or tobacco.

Some deputies from the Canary Islands have pointed out that this regulation should allow self-cultivation, consumption for therapeutic purposes, as well as consumption for leisure. They also added that it must be noted that it is a consumption with health risks.

They argue that the measure will avoid continuing to benefit the black market, in addition to being able to certify the quality of cannabis that can be consumed. It is estimated that about four million Spaniards are marijuana users, of whom about 50,000 would be for therapeutic uses.

The initiative also aims to regulate the existence of cannabis clubs and give a non-criminalizing response to these social spaces, an aspect that has already been carried out by parliaments such as Navarrese, Catalan, Basque or Cantabrian.

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