“Mamá Cultiva”, mothers who grow marijuana for their children

This group of mothers only wish a better future for their children


This Argentinian association of mothers cultivate marijuana for fighting their children’s diseases

From Daya Foundation they are spreading a message that is penetrating deeply into the cannabis community and the world of medicine in general, especially the one related to the therapeutic marijuana uses. With the Mama Cultiva initiative, they promote self-cultivation in families whose children suffer from diseases able to be fought with different cannabis derivatives. They talk about sicknesses such as epilepsy or autism, and report their own personal experiences to show their validity and effectiveness.

Paulina Bobadilla, founder of Mama Cultiva, found inspiration in a video of a girl with epilepsy named Charlotte. This video shows her remarkable improvement thanks to the consumption of cannabis oil. From that moment, Paulina, who had only had a vague contact with marijuana when she was 18, did not hesitate a second to decide using the plant to deal with her daughter’s problems.

In the first place, she had to buy it in the black market due to its prohibition. Previously, she gave his daughter seven different anticonvulsants. Since she tried the marijuana oil, her condition is infinitely better, having managed to perform in school with total normality. The relationship with her mother is now better than ever.

This movement of activist mothers is born from the desire for a better society. They do not seek to profit, nor demand the legalization of cannabis for a recreational purpose, but fight for the future of their children, so they can live better the rest of their lives and lead a normal life through a natural treatment without having to resort to industrial chemicals.

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