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The different societies of the country and the rest of the world are discussing marijuana legalization. There are some States in which their consumption, both medicinal and recreational, is totally legal. Others allow its use only to investigate and treat different diseases. Meanwhile, in the majority, marijuana is banned, both its consumption and cultivation. In these publications you will learn about the current situation of marijuana under Donald Trump government and the news of the activist movement.

The jobs of the future of cannabis

The legal cannabis industry will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs, including cannabis cook, marijuana dispenser or bud trimmer, among others.

Legal marijuana will exceed soft drinks sales in 2030

75,000 million dollars. This is the amount of money that a consultant expects the legal marijuana industry will sell in 2030. In contrast, soft drinks sales will continue falling until they are surpassed by cannabis, an industry that does not stop growing.

This basketball player says that 85% of the NBA smokes marijuana

Bomb in the NBA! A former player with a long career in the league ensures that most players, including technicians, consume marijuana. All of this is encompassed in a context in which the use of cannabis in the league remains illegal.

Trump will not interfere in state’s decisions on marijuana

Good news for the cannabis industry and the cannabis community in the United States. According to a Republican senator from Colorado, Donald Trump will not interfere with state decisions on cannabis despite fears of federal control over marijuana use.

Blimburn Seeds and the future of the cannabis industry | Blimburn...

Do not miss the new Blimburn TV program. We interview Sergio Martínez, from BBG Projects and Blimburn Seeds. In our meeting, he spoke about his cannabis seeds bank genetics, the future of the cannabis industry and the potential of Spain as a marijuana producer.

Spanish banks invest in the cannabis market

Cannabis industry is unstoppable. Meanwhile, more and more banks are deciding to invest in the world of marijuana. Countries like Canada will be a mirror for the rest of the world in which to look during the next years.

Chile approves regulating the use of medicinal cannabis

Chile has taken a giant step towards the legalization of medicinal cannabis. The Parliament has approved its regularization and is pending its treatment in the Health Commission before it becomes a reality and the street could enjoy the benefits of therapeutic marijuana.

Marijuana enters Wall Street

Canadian companies in the marijuana sector, Emerald Health Therapeutics and Cronos Group, are already listed on the Nasdaq, the second most powerful stock market in the United States.

High CBD cannabis, the light marijuana

In 2017, Switzerland legalized high CBD cannabis with a minimum percentage of THC. Thus, little by little, marijuana is becoming part of societies around the world, ending the stigma of prohibited substance.

Cannabis Cycle: youth activism on wheels

Cannabis Cycle is formed by a large group of marijuana lovers who come out every night through the streets of Bogotá to publicize their initiative.
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