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Growing marijuana seeds is not an easy task. Firstly, it is necessary to know the different seeds varieties (feminized, autoflowering and high CBD), and then knowing which are the best ones for each crop type. It all depends on if it is indoors, outdoors, in large or small spaces. These publications will help you to become a cannabis seeds expert and to know the aromas and flavors.

Feminized cannabis seed production Blimburn seeds part 2, #420weedTV PROGRAM 148

Feminized cannabis seed production Blimburn seeds. We are visiting one of the facilities in cannabis association where Blimburn make some of the seeds fro...

Blimburn Seeds, feminized cannabis seeds production room, #420weedTV PROGRAM 147

Blimburn Seeds, feminized cannabis seeds production room. We have the chance to visit one of the rooms where Blimburn seeds makes part of its...

Cannabis seeds, video from germination to the pots.

Cannabis seeds, from germination to the pots, Sergio will let us know what to do once the seeds had germinated and get ready our...

How to germinate cannabis seeds correctly, #420weedTV PROGRAM 96

Second part of cannabis seeds for beginners. We explain here how to germinate the cannabis seeds correctly from our friends of Herer Grow Shop...

Introduction to the cannabis seeds, #420 weed TV Program 95

Introduction to the cannabis seeds. We speak bout the 3 different species and the auto flowering, feminized and regular strains with our friends from...

Free Grizzly Purple Kush cannbis seed in Attitude Seed Bank

Get your free Grizzly Purple Kush cannabis seed from Blimburn seeds in Attitude Seed Bank before it will arrive to the stores in 2015.  
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