Marijuana will remain banned in the NBA

Despite the fact that several States have legalize cannabis, NBA will not change its policy about marijuana although it could be consumed for medical use.

Despite legalization in several States, the league will not change its policy about cannabis

Like all professional sports leagues in the world, the NBA also has a fairly strict policy on the use of drugs. This includes marijuana and, although it is being legalized for recreational purposes in several states where some league franchises operate, in others it is only approved for medicinal use and a small part is still totally banned.

Although it seems that the trend is legalization for recreational purposes at some point in the future, for example, in states where it is possible to get it as a medicine, the organization will not change its prohibitive policy on marijuana use at the moment and has done so To know in an interview the commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver.

The interviewer for The Players Tribune was Portland Trail Blazers escort CJ McCollum. His franchise is in one of the states that has already legalized the recreational use of cannabis, and it is a debate that has gained momentum in recent years. The professional leagues of the North American country.

“I do not see the need for any change at this time. I mean, it’s legal in certain states. But as you know, our players are constantly traveling, and it could be a trap to say that we will legalize it in these states, but no, it is illegal in other states. And then the players put themselves in a position where they are traveling with marijuana, and obviously we are getting into trouble,” Silver said.

Although there are a lot of franchises in states where marijuana can be consumed, the organization will not allow changes in policy and will continue to give fines and sanctions to those who violate the NBA’s anti-drug program.

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