Marijuana in the supermarket? Lidl has made it possible

Marijuana in the supermarket? In Switzerland, as of June, cannabis can be purchased in Lidl. The sale is legal as long as the THC does not exceed 1%.

Lidl puts marijuana on sale in its supermarkets in Switzerland on June.

The consumption of marijuana is becoming more normalized within society. Not all, but where governments take a flexible position to cannabis, whether for medicinal or purely recreational purposes. This is what has happened in Switzerland, where from now on you can buy marijuana in Lidl supermarkets.

The key to sell marijuana legally is the THC percentage (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the compound that cause the cannabis main effects and also the addiction to the substance. According to Swiss legislation, cannabis can be sold with a percentage of THC up to 1%, and Lidl’s products do not reach this sum. However, the amount of CBD (cannabidiol), the medicinal component of marijuana, borders very high levels, reaching up to 21%.

These are the main strengths of the cannabis industry to sell marijuana in supermarkets, who claim its high medicinal properties. This fact has caused the opposition of some associations, which protest against the easy access of any person to drugs consumption.

It is still to see how how Swiss citizens receive this new product in their supermarkets, where you will be able to buy 1.5 grams of marijuana for 15 euros. A high cost compared to tobacco, justified by the purchase of marijuana and local products that grow cannabis in a completely natural way, as we discovered in this program of Vice.

These are times of testing in the cannabis industry, which thanks to the support of different governments is testing society and investigating what are the best ways to convert marijuana into a product like any other, protected by exhaustive controls and governed by a legislation guaranteeing quality.

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