Marijuana seeds conservation | Blimburn TV #166

We finished the visit to Blimburn Seed’s production rooms learning some marijuana seed conservation tips.

We finish the visit to Blimburn Seeds’ production rooms learning some tips to widen marijuana seed’s life

In previous programs, we visited Blimburn Seeds‘ production rooms to observe the evolution of marijuana seeds within a few weeks of being ready for harvest. Our cannabis grower showed us some of the best American genetics, but it was still necessary to go deeper into the process of seed growth until they are ready to go to market.

The grower explains how plants are tested over the weeks to study the status of marijuana seeds. In the last phase of growth, each variety is tested individually to clean the seeds that are ready to move on to the next phase.

In this phase, the cannabis seeds go through a mechanized system of analysis that discards the specimens in worse condition. Seeds are already manually filtered in the optimum state to reach the client’s hands.

After being purchased, seeds can last between three and five years in an optimal state of conservation. This happens by keeping them in airtight containers at a constant temperature and with silica gel to avoid humidity, although there are other equally valid ways.

Finally, despite these plants are to cultivate marijuana seeds, the samples shown in the video are extracted to be enjoyed in social clubs. This is how you get the most out of a cannabis plantation.

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