How to make a marijuana mojito

Marijuana mojito is a perfect and refreshing drink to enjoy alcohol and cannabis in a different way. Do not miss how to do it step by step.

The marijuana mojito is a tasty and refreshing alternative to enjoy cannabis

Cannabis cooking has many recipes in which to include marijuana to make delicious dishes of all kinds. Creams, stews, biscuits, cookies or brownies are some of the tastiest products that can be made with marijuana, but you can also drink it. Cannabis smoothies are perfect at summer, when alcohol alternatives like this delicious marijuana mojito also triumph.

The recipe for making this drink is simple. It is only necessary to have vodka or rum, mint, lemon, sugar, crushed ice, water with gas, mortar and, of course, marijuana of the variety that you like.

– First, it is necessary to bake the marijuana buds previously cured. After separating them in several parts with the fingers, we will heat them to eliminate the carbon groups. So, on baking paper, we will have the buds 40 minutes at 110 degrees and will be ready to mix them with the alcohol we want.

– Then, it is necessary to marinate marijuana in vodka. At least one day before so that it is impregnated with the flavors and aromas of the bud.

– When we go to prepare the mojitos, the first step is to mix in the mortar the sugar with the mint and the juice of half a lemon. We grind until we mix the ingredients well and reserve.

– Next, we serve crushed ice in a glass. This should not exceed half of it so that the final result has not too much water. We serve the mixture to the ice. Then we pour the cannabis vodka and, finally, a finger and a half of sparkling water.

To decorate the glass, we can use a slice of lemon or even a cannabis sativa leaf. In this way we will have a refreshing, tasty alcoholic beverage with all marijuana effects. An unbeatable combo to enjoy with friends.

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