Is the marijuana you’re smoking safe?

How do you know that the marijuana you are smoking is safe? The laboratories of cannabis analysis are proliferating and become a fundamental pillar for the cannabis industry of the future, where they can put their seal of quality on products that meet the essential standards for consumption.

ProVerde Laboratories is responsible for analyzing marijuana to meet the essential requirements for consumption.

The illegalization of cannabis carries countless harms for marijuana lovers, but also for those who have nothing to do with it, and all of them very different from each other. The black market means the traffic of an illegal product that does not need to pass controls to be apt for consumption because its consumption is directly sanctioned by law. With what, in many cases, the smoker will not know what filters the weed he has acquired had passed, no matter if it is from his association of trust.

At the expense of governments beginning to adopt a new mentality, open and aware of the new reality of cannabis, and that take the decision to legalize marijuana, the essential pillars for a responsible and regulated cannabis industry are being built little by little. Proof of this is the existence of laboratories, responsible for analyzing cannabis so that it meets the essential requirements for consumption.

We are not referring to a couple of chemists doing experiments in a caravan, but to serious and professional companies that test marijuana for patients, cooks and dispensaries in those places where the use of cannabis is legal, either for medicinal or recreational use, as some states of the United States, Uruguay or Canada, from July 1.

The laboratories measure the potency of the substance so that consumers know the dose needed to treat their ailment or, simply, and more in recreational use, know the effect that cannabis will have on their body. But the most important part of the analysis of marijuana is the safety test, which is responsible for checking that the samples do not have fungi, insects, hair or contaminants that should not be there, such as pesticides or other pernicious elements resulting from bad habits in the cannabis cultivation.

ProVerde Laboratories is one of the many companies that perform this task of cannabis analysis that undoubtedly seems indispensable for the cannabis industry of the nearest future. The existence of seals of quality will match cannabis with any other consumer product on the market, granting quality standards and eliminating all existing stigmas about marijuana.

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