MariaPlantis TV #29 | ‘Insomniaaaa’

In this MariaPlantis TV episode, Mario goes to the doctor to find a remedy for its insomnia, but things do not go as he thought

Mario goes to the doctor to be helped to fight insomnia. What the doctor will give to him?

After going to Expogrow, in this new episode of MariaPlantis TV, our friend Mario goes to the doctor. The reason: he suffers insomnia.

Insomnia is a disease that affects millions of people every day … and also our friend Mario. In this new episode, our protagonist finds that he is unable to sleep. Faced with this situation decides to go to the doctor’s office with the aim of finding a solution to his problem.

It must be emphasized that it is essential to know the opinion of an expert to deal with this type of problem and not to opt for home remedies. Unless, as it happens to Mario in this case, you run into a little clueless doctor that does find the best method to follow to solve the problem. In that case, it is better to go to another doctor to finally get the best advices to end with this trouble.

The first of the tips does not work for Mario: no matter how much the doctor recommended him to count sheeps, the poor guy still does not sleep. It is also not useful to arrive drunk at home. Much less the last of the doctor’s indications: erotic self-sufficiency dressed as majorette. Finally, thank goodness that a new friend appears in the last resort to give a hand to Mario with his problem. He recommends him to smoke a little cannabis before going to sleep to enjoy its relaxing effect and to fall asleep in the arms of Morpheus. Of course, in these cases remember to be extremely careful with cigarettes if you want to avoid problems…

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