Legal marijuana will exceed soft drinks sales in 2030

75,000 million dollars. This is the amount of money that a consultant expects the legal marijuana industry will sell in 2030. In contrast, soft drinks sales will continue falling until they are surpassed by cannabis, an industry that does not stop growing.

Cowen & Co estimates cannabis sales will reach 75,000 million dollars

2030 seems a very distant date, but only 12 years separate us, in which many things can still change in reference to the cannabis legalization and the legal marijuana industry. In this line, the consultant Cowen & Co has estimated that year marijuana sales will exceed that of soft drinks, which enjoy worse fame than ever and whose sales accumulate years falling.

If countries with a large international presence such as Canada are betting on the legalization of recreational marijuana consumption, or if the rest of the US states continue betting on regulation as Colorado, California or Washington have already done, marijuana sales will reach 75,000 million dollars.

This ascending line of legal cannabis sales contrasts with the aforementioned fall of soft drinks, which have been exceeded by the consumption of bottled water. In 2017, soft drinks were sold for a value of 76,400 million dollars. Everything indicates that sooner rather than later both figures will come to meet and cross their roads, one in clear upward trend and the other, downward.

Trying to fight this trend, the big soft drinks companies are reducing the amount of sugar in their products, following the health advice of organizations such as the WHO, and also trying to improve their image, but their sales continue falling, as well as the popularity of these beverages.

Coincidentally, in those places where the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized, there has also been a decline in alcohol sales. Not so where only medicinal consumption is allowed.

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