Kyle Kushman and Vegamatrix functioning | Blimburn TV #164

Vegamatrix is a vegan nutrient line to improve plants growing and created by guru Kyle Kushman.

After the first chapter in which he showed us Vegamatrix, now he explain its functioning to us

In the last program we traveled to the United States to meet and interview the mythical Kyle Kushman, writer, activist and cannabis grower in the State of California. Within its incredible facilities, with all kinds of rooms and methods of growing marijuana and with a large team of workers with it, we met Vegamatrix, a line of vegan products for the cultivation of plants, respectful with the environment and also with the consumer final.

Kushman has not only obtained a multitude of awards thanks to the excellent results that Vegamatrix brings to the cultivation of cannabis, but also because of how easy it is to use it and how natural it is. Away from many cultivation supplements designed to enlarge the buds and enhance the growth of plants through artificial chemical components, Vegamatrix uses natural ingredients to improve the plants in a totally organic way, a fact that the growers of the United States have had in account.

In addition, thanks to his web pages it makes it very easy to access his products, its composition and a forum where the cannabis community shares their doubts and also their experiences. In this way it is very easy to know all the properties of Vegamatrix and learn how to use it to get the best possible performance from our cannabis crops.

This is how it was our meeting with Kyle Kushman. Now we just have to wait for Vegamatrix to reach Europe until the cannabis legislation is modified and its cultivation is regularized. Until then we will keep an eye on this cannabis guru and his advances in the cultivation of marijuana.

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