Kyle Kushman creates Vegamatrix, a vegan nutrient line for cannabis | Blimburn TV #163

Kyle Kushman has revolutionize cannabis industry with Vegamatrix, a veganic nutrient line to get the best marijuana buds.

Marijuana grown with Vegamatrix has already won more than a dozen awards

California is leading the way. And it’s not just technology and dreams what is all about. Since the end of 2016 the use of marijuana is completely legal in a state that would be the sixth world economic power if it were a country. And obviously, some of world’s cannabis leaders and referents live and work there.

This is the case of the mythical Kyle Kushman, whom we visited in one of his infrastructures in Los Angeles. Kushman is an internationally recognized grower, who wrote for two decades for High Times Magazine, the most important publication of the cannabis industry. Now, thanks to his extensive experience in organic cannabis cultivation, he has created an innovative and award-winning line of nutrients designed for vegan cultivation.

After studying and using almost every nutrient, device and product on the market, in 2014 he decided to launch Vegamatrix, a set of products that, according to Kushman, allow the cultivation not only of the best plants, but also in the most respectful way for the environment and the final consumer.

To date, marijuana grown with Vegamatrix has already won more than a dozen important awards, including the best nutrient of the year by High Times Magazine. Vegan style gets more and more followers, not only for its respectful and natural processes, but also for the unbeatable levels of quality that helps to achieve. So, ‘be vegan, my friend’.

Do not miss the second part of the video in which Kyle Kushman shows us Vegamatrix’ functioning.

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