Kyle Kushman and cannabis situation in the US and Spain.

The cannabis guru and creator of Vegamatrix, Kyle Kushman, analyzed in Expogrow Business Barcelona the legal status of marijuana in the United States and Spain, as well as the situation of the current cannabis industry.

Kyle Kushman, creator of Vegamatrix, gives us some keys to take into account regarding the legal status of marijuana and the future of the cannabis industry.

Expogrow Business Barcelona gave a lot. We had the opportunity to meet some of the most powerful brands in the cannabis industry, such as CHK Solutions, revolutionary inventions such as Triminator, and talk to celebrities from the world of marijuana. Among them, Kyle Kushman, guru, writer and cannabis grower. Also, creator of Vegamatrix, a line of vegan supplements for the cultivation of cannabis.

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Like we visited their facilities in California to learn more about their product for cultivation, this time the meeting was about the legal status of cannabis and current industry.

Despite the legalization of recreational consumption in California, Kushman believes that there are still many elements to improve. Especially in mercantile and legal aspects that lead large industries to prevent the passage of small producers.

As a guru, Kyle Kushman augured Spain a promising future in the world of marijuana.

Possessing a climate similar to that of California and having a favorable legal situation, it could become a real power at European and even international level.

Above all, thanks to events such as Expogrow Business Barcelona, ​​which normalizes the figure of the consumer and cannabis businessman.

As always, the meeting with the creator of Vegamatrix has been a real lesson about what is and should be the world of marijuana, both legally and industrially.

Today, the first steps are still being taken, but in a few years, if everything goes smoothly, if everything continues as it has been until now, cannabis will be a legal substance, controlled and habitual in the day to day of people.

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