The jobs of the future of cannabis

The legal cannabis industry will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs, including cannabis cook, marijuana dispenser or bud trimmer, among others.

The legalization of cannabis will bring the creation of a multitude of jobs as grower, expert dispenser or manicurer of buds

There are many countries where cannabis is still illegal. Most of them maintain severe legislation against the sale, cultivation and consumption of marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes. Only a few countries and states of the United States have joined the pro legalization tendency, and there the situation of all workers in the cannabis industry has been normalized, but it is not usual. Nowadays, marijuana growers, sellers, trimmers, cannabis cooks and even specialized journalists have to resort to other jobs to survive, keeping their hobby hidden.

Even so, we maintain hope, knowing that every time the stereotypes and stigmas about cannabis are vanishing, that when the legalization arrives, these workers can enjoy their passion without seeing their task persecuted. Likewise, that all those who don’t have a job and wish to be part of the industry, can do so. All this will undoubtedly lead to a professionalization of the sector and, consequently, an improvement of the final product that the consumer will acquire.

So, these are the jobs of the future of the cannabis industry:

Marijuana dispenser

In a cannabis dispensary there will always be a worker behind the bar to advise the client, inform and supply him with the product that best suits his tastes. He is an expert in marijuana, knowing all the intricacies of the plant and knowledgeable about many varieties that will be successful when it comes to providing the perfect type of cannabis for every moment. All possible word games between “bar” and “bud” are available to define this worker.


It is not an amateur cannabis grower that has several plants in his house that he occasionally takes a look at to see how they are doing. He is a farmer with all the letters, although in the marijuana guild it is used the term grower. Responsible for a crop, is responsible for controlling all phases, from germination to harvest, managing the necessary resources for the good growth of marijuana plants.

Bud trimmer

Right after the harvest comes the trimming, an arduous and complex task that takes hours and hours of work and that requires precision, skill and speed both to provide clean and impeccable buds and to generate high production at the end of the day. Although it is undoubtedly one of the future jobs of the legal marijuana industry, it is being threatened by the appearance of trimming machines that save many hours of work and offer superior production.

Cannabis cook

The one that is handyman in the kitchen, it is so in almost all its areas. Also, in the cannabis cooking. Marijuana has a place in many recipes, and knowing how to make the culinary derivatives of cannabis is not easy. A lot of videos circulate online with the most attractive and delicious products, but there are still no shops where only biscuits, cookies, cakes or marijuana shakes are sold.

Cannabis journalist

Cannabis is today a small sector in the media. There are specialized magazines and web pages that little by little take more importance within the network, and that is due to the legal status of marijuana in the world. If this changes, it will be more usual to see cannabis in news not related to the seizure of plants or drug trafficking, and many journalists who love this culture will be able to live off their two passions: journalism and marijuana.

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