Is it safe to consume CBD during pregnancy?

The potential of cannabidiol as a medicinal resource to relieve pain, stress or promote sleep is well known, but there are still few studies on whether or not it can be harmful to consume CBD during pregnancy.

CBD helps to fight nausea, pain and sleep problems, but there are hardly any studies on its suitability during pregnancy.

Cannabis is in a situation of change. Although the recreational use of marijuana is still far from being well seen and, even more, legalized, in most societies around the world the use of medicinal cannabis to fight different diseases and ailments is increasingly accepted; and there are already many countries that have legalized marijuana for this type of use. Even so, as it is a new paradigm, the number of studies on cannabis is still small, and research is needed to guarantee its use and convenience depending on each case.

At this point, the medicinal properties of CBD (cannabidiol), the second main component of cannabis after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is already well known. This substance is used to stabilize the endocannabinoid system of the body, combat stress, facilitate sleep, alleviate muscle and joint pain … and also to cope with pregnancy symptoms. Despite of many of CBD properties seem indicated for the classic symptoms during this period, it seems that there are unknown consequences that invite to obviate its use.

First of all, to consume marijuana to fight nausea, pains and sleep problems during pregnancy, you have to make sure it is without THC. There are many cannabis derivatives in the market with concentrated CBD that, in small doses, could help to cope better with the upbringing of a baby, but the few studies carried out in this regard discourage exposing the fetus to new substances to which it may not be prepared.

It is possible that in the future consuming CBD during pregnancy is completely safe and helps to alleviate the side effects of it, but for now the lack of studies invites to avoid cannabis use during this phase of life. However, in cases of extremely complicated pregnancies, CBD oils or other derivatives could be more effective and natural than any other pill. In any case, it is a personal decision.

Be that as it may, there are a number of recommendations for consuming CBD during pregnancy. It is crucial to ensure that it comes from organic crops, without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. Also, that the product has been tested by a trusted laboratory. The consumption of THC and the pulmonary route is totally inadvisable, although vaporizers are not a bad option.

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