Experts and patients insist on the regularization of cannabis for medicinal use

Cannabis is already legal in countries such as Uruguay or some States of the United States, but in Spain, patients still can not legally use this substance.

They differentiate between medicinal and recreational use so as to ask for the legalization

The Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis was born on 2016 with the view of asking for the regularization of cannabis for a therapeutic use. Its impeller, Carola Pérez, does not understand her life without her vaporizer for fighting against the neurophatic pain that she suffers since fell down at the age of 11 when she was skating. This is the reason that makes her struggle everyday for the legalization of cannabis with the aim of companies and governments deepen the study of it.

Experts say that cannabis is a public health issue. Raphael Mechoulam, organic chemist and discoverer of THC, establish a clear difference between medicinal and recreational use. On the one hand, he emphasizes on THC and cannabidol levels should be known so as to have always the same quantities. Its contrary is far away from medicine, as he says.

The spanish biochemist Manuel Guzmán tells that nowadays carrying out an investigation is quite complex due to cannabis is an illegal substance. That hinders the fact that its effects on organism and what its therapeutic applications could be can be discovered. This is why companies and governments prefer working with other simples substances.

However, there are many countries in which studies about cannabis are increasing and its medicinal use is regulated for cases like Carola Pérez. In Spain the situation is in stand by waiting for the Ministry of Health taking some measure. Meanwhile, they direct people to National Drug Plan, that admits cannabis as a beneficial substance for some cases, but it is still considered the most commonly used illegal drug.

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