How to inform young people about cannabis

Are you worried about your children smoking marijuana? Take a look at this article on how to inform young people about cannabis. We give you a clue: education is the key.

Education is the best way for young people to know the effects of cannabis, both negative and positive.

The great presence of cannabis in today’s society and the current legislation regarding marijuana lead young people to be in a kind of no-man’s land when they have to form an opinion about cannabis use. The same goes for their parents, who often do not know how to act or how to approach the issue when they discover their children smoking marijuana.

The most important thing is to be honest, natural and understanding, but above all to have this talk as soon as possible so that young people can face adolescence with previous knowledge about cannabis. This way they will not be caught unaware of the moment, if it happens, of being in a marijuana situation.

Being familiar with the world of cannabis and its industry is an positive factor for parents who choose to talk openly about marijuana with their children, but it is not usual. In the rest of the cases, misinformation might be the worst error, which will require a documentation process to expose all the relevant information and not make any mistake that leads to misunderstanding.

This leads to talk about the effects of marijuana use as a narcotic substance: its effects and consequences. Also, about the dangers of the black market, very present all over the world, especially in those countries that have not yet legalized the consumption of marijuana. Young people are curious by nature and, just like they start with alcohol and tobacco at a young age, surely they do so with marijuana, whether legal or not.

Orienting the knowledge of cannabis to a medicinal perspective seems the greatest success. Explain what are THC and CBD, and the properties of the plant will not only tell a reality and a valuable lesson, but will help to gradually eliminate the interest of the young person in a medicinal substance like any other. Parents have greater advantage in facing these talks in countries with legalized recreational consumption, inviting their children to try marijuana once they reach the legal age.

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