High CBD cannabis, the light marijuana

In 2017, Switzerland legalized high CBD cannabis with a minimum percentage of THC. Thus, little by little, marijuana is becoming part of societies around the world, ending the stigma of prohibited substance.

Countries like Switzerland are legalizing cannabis due to its medical value

Recently, the perception of society about marijuana industry is experiencing a huge change. After being seen as a prohibited substance with bad reputation, marijuana is little by little evolving towards a new perspective. Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons of this new vision is due to one of the main components of the plant, CBD. This cannabinoid counteracts the effects of THC, the psychoactive substance, and it is also the element related to the medicinal properties of the plant. This is so that WHO has defined CBD as a “safe” and “non-addictive” substance.

To analyze this new paradigm, VICE travels to Switzerland to learn about the present and the future of the cannabis industry and its influence on society. In the transalpine country, high CBD cannabis with a maximum of 1% THC is legal since 2017. It can be also bought in kiosks as a simple magazine or tobacco.

“Nobody has died from overdose of cannabis in the history of the planet”

According to Boris Blatnik (Kannaswiss), “the stigma around cannabis is disappearing” thanks to CBD. This cannabinoid allows you to enjoy marijuana “without having a rush”. As he likes to say, “it’s like having two glasses of wine and getting that relaxation feeling in your body”. In addition, marijuana emerges as an alternative to medicine, and is that “nobody has died from overdose of cannabis in the history of the planet” he adds.

Kannaswiss growth impacts for its normality. About a thousand cannabis plants share space with basil and eggplant. The reason? To attract pests so that marijuana is free of harmful external agents. “For me to looking at this is like looking at a field of dreams. The possibilities are endless”. “I am a dreamer, and it is nice to finally be able to fulfill that dream” he adds.

At the end of the video, the final effect of high CBD cannabis in society is attested. Specifically, in those who need it most, such as people suffering from muscle or bone pain caused by illnesses or injuries. In these cases, cannabis has given a new twist to their lives, allowing them to abandon medicines with a high addictive component to embrace a new reality: more natural and greener.

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