Finds his son’s marijuana and uploads a video to give him a lesson

This video that a father has uploaded to YouTube after finding marijuana among his son’s clothes has upset social networks and has become instantly viral.

The video, available in YouTube, has become viral in a few days

“I do this because I love you,” says the father of a boy named Danny seconds before throwing his son’s marijuana into the toilet. The video that this man has uploaded to YouTube has generated debate on social networks. Some support it, while others reject their attitude, but the undeniable fact is that this video has gone viral in a matter of days and is giving a lot to talk about.

“What I like about laundry is that if I find something I don’t like, I drop it away,” says Danny’s father at the beginning of the video, maintaining the suspense. Then he shows to the camera a black jar, where the boy apparently keeps marijuana buds.

“Just do not let me find this shit in my house or this will happen,” he says. Then, he enters the bathroom and throw the content of the jar into the toilet. When pulling the chain, one of the two marijuana buds refuses to disappear, but finally everything goes down the bottom of the toilet.

Cannabis lovers have shown their disapproval, assuring that this is not the correct attitude for these times, where marijuana is becoming more important among young people and more and more countries are legalizing it. In contrast, watch the reaction of this mother who decides to smoke marijuana to know her son’s hobby.

The video ends with a warning. Of course, in a calm and reasonable tone: “Next time take care of your shit. I do not want to see it in my house again. Okay, buddy?” “I love you. This is for your own good”, he concludes.

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