Expogrow Business Barcelona 2018, a resounding success | Blimburn TV #167

Expogrow Business Barcelona gathered 150 companies from the cannabis sector in an event dedicated exclusively to professionals, to exchange ideas and do business.

150 companies of the cannabis industry met in this exclusively professional meeting

Expogrow Business Barcelona was a resounding success. Organizers confirm so, dating from 350 and 150 the number of professionals and companies from cannabis industry that met at La Casa Llotja de Mar on March 8. An unparalleled opportunity to talk about the present and future of cannabis and, above all, to do business. Because if something has stood out this Expogrow Business Barcelona is for the availability of an exclusive space for companies to develop their relationships.

The visibility of Barcelona as an important city within the world of cannabis has been noticed in the amount of companies that were present at Expogrow Business Barcelona. Companies like CHK Solutions, Steep Hill, Mammouth, Biocañamo, Planta Sur or Blimburn did not want to miss an event in which there was time to do business, impart and listen to conferences and, of course, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

“We lacked time between professionals to contact, exchange ideas and do business”

Expogrow Business Barcelona is what the sector demanded and needed for a long time. At the fair in Irún, a closed-door session is already reserved for professionals to work, and it is a trend that continues to expand and consolidates in Barcelona. Other fairs are more oriented to the final public, for their enjoyment and knowledge of the sector, but for that to happen it has to be time and space for companies to develop their activity. As Julien Graille, of CHK Solutions, the main sponsor, says: “We lacked time between professionals to contact, exchange ideas and do business, and Expogrow has achieved it”.

Everything points to Expogrow Business Barcelona will not remain as an isolated event. The satisfaction of all the assistants assures the future of the meeting. This is what his organizer Thomas Duchenne (South Floor) assured: “It is clear that next year we will do another event. Is early to know how, but the plan is to make it even bigger.”

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