This region of Estonia turns the cannabis leaf into its official symbol

The Estonian region of Kanepi is already part of cannabis history. For several days, the marijuana leaf is its official symbol after a popular vote in which it took 80% of the vote.

Kanepi has voted to turn the cannabis leaf into his new flag.

Do you consider your city as the biggest cannabis lover in the world? We are sorry, in Estonia there is a region that surpasses everyone. Its name is Kanepi, and for several days its new official symbol is nothing more and nothing less than a marijuana leaf.

This is the result of a popular vote. Within the new administrative reform of Estonia, the municipalities of Kanepi, Kolleste and Valgjarve have become a region, which had to have a new official badge. Thus, with 80 percent of the votes, the cannabis leaf on green background won among its six competitors.

Of the approximately 15,000 votes in total, 12,000 went to this design, which shows the popularity of marijuana in this region of the Slavic country. Remember that there were twenty three designs presented last December, of which only seven passed to the final round.

Paradoxically, cannabis use is illegal in Estonia, but it seems that the love for marijuana in the Kanepi region comes from years ago. The same name is derived from the word “kanep“, marijuana in Estonian. An absolute declaration of intentions.

For now the final design has not yet been presented, which according to authorities will have to go through a stylization process to do it according to an official framework, but there is no indication that it will be thrown back, so that, sooner than later, the marijuana leaf will fly on the masts of the Kanepi institutions.

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