CNN bets on economic impact as a key factor to legalize cannabis

CNN bets on the economic impact as key factor to legalize cannabis. Some states in the United States already benefit from taxes on the cultivation and sale of marijuana, and it also create a lot of jobs.

California is expected to raise 1 billion dollars in taxes thanks to cannabis legalization

More than 20% of Americans over 21 can already smoke cannabis legally in the United States. Eight states (California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Maine and Massachusetts) plus Washington D.C. have already implemented the legalization of recreational cannabis.

This is how the old conception that linked marijuana with violence and crime has begun to change. To give an example, in 1969, Woodstook year, emblem of the hippy movement, only 12% of the US population supported the legalization. The trend has been on the rise since then and now 60% of Americans are in favor of legalizing weed.

Despite this, the US government still puts marijuana in the most harmful group of drugs, along with heroin. Opium and cocaine are considered less dangerous.

According to CNN, one of the reasons for which there is increasing popular support for legalization is the money that the cannabis business can produce both directly and through taxes.

To give an example, Washington and Colorado have each obtained more than $150 million in revenue in recent fiscal years, in addition to the thousands of jobs that have been created.

One of the great impulses can be given by the recent legalization in California, the sixth largest economy in the world, where the sector is expected to contribute one billion dollars annually in taxes.

From this point of view, it will be very difficult to stop one of the fastest growing American industries right now.

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