Croatia will have a spa with cannabis treatments

Enjoying health tourism and cannabis is now possible. A spa in Croatia will open a specific center for individualized medical treatments with marijuana as a base.

Customers will receive personalized cannabis preparations for medical use

Tourism is one of the mainstays of a large part of the world’s economies. A constant evolution sector in which cannabis has arrive slowly. Thus, while recreational marijuana¬†is being legalized throughout the planet, medical cannabis continues triumphing and continues its unstoppable expansion. The latest development in the sector is cannabis health tourism, which reaches its zenith with the announcement of the first SPA in Europe with treatments based on marijuana medicinal properties.

The luxury center LifeClass Terme, located in the town Sveti Martin, is a complex aimed at the Russian, British, European and Arab markets, whose clients can spend up to 70,000 euros for a week of therapy. In this case, the use of cannabis will be aimed at the treatment of people with arthritis, diabetes or asthma, even for cancer patients in their recovery phase. The therapy will last from one to four weeks, and includes an individualized study of each patient, from which blood will be drawn to determine the best combination of cannabis for their case, specifically chosen. The cannabis will be purchased entirely in the pharmacies of Croatia.

The medical cannabis treatment will be around 5,000 euros

According to the director of the center, Branimir Blajic, the center will open its doors in late March or early April and will host no more than ten patients a month, which will be attended by three doctors in the initial phase. Depending on the success of the initiative, the offer will be extended in the following months. For now, the price announced for a week of treatment will be around 5,000 euros, according to those responsible for the center.

In this way, tourism and the health sector join the opportunities offered by cannabis to offer an unprecedented and groundbreaking service, which combines the medical benefits of the plant with the relaxation of spa tourism. All oriented to offer the best service possible, meet the costumer needs and treat their ailments in the best way.

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