Chile approves regulating the use of medicinal cannabis

Chile has taken a giant step towards the legalization of medicinal cannabis. The Parliament has approved its regularization and is pending its treatment in the Health Commission before it becomes a reality and the street could enjoy the benefits of therapeutic marijuana.

Waiting to be analyzed in Health Commission, legal medicinal cannabis is closer to the streets of Chile.

Great news for the world of cannabis in South America and also for the rest of the planet. The Parliament approved last week the project to regulate the use of products derived from cannabis for medicinal use. This news comes at a crucial time for the legalization of cannabis. More and more countries are joining this trend and 2018 is the year in which Canada, strong influence for Europe, legalizes recreational consumption.

Although this is great news, the legalization of medicinal cannabis in Chile has yet to overcome several barriers. The first, Health Commission, which will analyze the proposal of the Chamber to give it legal viability. Therefore, it is still early to sing victory, but certainly there is less to be able to do so.

The project approved by the Parliament establishes that a proffesional, accredited for this task, will be the one to prescribe all types of cannabis-based treatments. The doctor’s prescription will state this, and will be in accordance with the provisions of the regulations of the Chamber and the Health Commission.

There were several patients susceptible to being treated with medicinal cannabis present during the course of the voting. It is demonstrated that marijuana alleviates muscle and bone pain, helps to fall asleep, fight Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and even autism, among other sicknesses.

This measure has been received with joy among the cannabis associations of the country. Among them, Daya Foundation, with its initiative “Mama Cultiva”, a group of mothers who cultivate marijuana to fight the disorders of their children, such as autism, mentioned above.

Now it is only a matter of time to see how this new measure is regulated by the Chilean executive and its subsequent application in society, which in a few months will be able to enjoy the benefits of medical cannabis in a totally legal manner.

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