Charlize Theron’s mother buys marijuana to them

Charlize Theron went to Jimmy Kimmel’s show to promote ‘Gringo’, her next film, and told this funny anecdote related to her sleep problems, marijuana and his mother.

The Oscar-winning actress and her mother use cannabis to get a better sleep

Charlize Theron uses marijuana. Nothing too surprising if you forget the fact that she is a world star. Like many other millions of people, the Oscar-winning South African actress uses cannabis to fall asleep. Like her, other Hollywood celebrities have also recognized consuming marijuana, most of them just for fun, such as Morgan Freeman or Justin Timberlake. But the surprising thing is that the actress, famous for films like Monster or Mad Max, has recognized that it is her mother who buys it.

Everything was going according to plan. Charlize Theron went to Jimmy Kimmel’s show to present his next film, Gringo, with an important presence of marijuana. Inevitably, the issue of cannabis came up, and the actress confessed having trouble with falling asleep. Then, in front of the showman of the last two Oscar editions, she decided to tell this funny story.

It turns out that it was the actress who proposed to her mother trying something different to improve the quality of their sleep, as they both suffer the same problem. Theron reveals that, as a daughter, she felt that she should be the one to go and buy the marijuana, but it was an absolute surprise when she saw her mother arrive at home with a small bottle. “She told me that she left me a blackberry cake and mint candies, which according to her acted faster”. “She went to the store herself, since then she buys and resells me,” she adds.

When the presenter asks if the remedy worked, the actress affirms with completeness. So, like many other people, marijuana has changed Charlize Theron’s life.

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