CBD-infused lube will improve your sexual relations

Cannabidiol is the star product of cannabis derivatives. There are oils, creams … and now also a CBD-infused lubricant to improve sexual relations. If you want to experiment, go for it and try one of the many products based on CBD that will help you boost your feelings.

CBD acts as a relaxant and enhances sensory receptors

Fiction and stereotypes have done a lot of damage to the figure of the cannabis consumer. They are usually reflected as stoners who spend the day lying on the couch eating pizza or as people in a trance, unable to make the slightest effort. This is also reflected in the sexual aspect, where they are characterized as inappetent and in poor health.

Nothing is further from the truth. Recently, different studies are being carried out on the impact of cannabis on the sexual life of its consumers. In a previous post, we echoed marijuana microdoses as a sexual stimulant, but cannabis derivatives have gone further with products such as the one we are dealing with today: CBD-infused lube. The star cannabinoid of the medical cannabis industry and its derivatives has come to our bedrooms with the intention of staying.

First of all, we must make it clear that with this product you can not get high. CBD acts as a relaxant and enhances the sensory receptors of the genitals. After applying it, you will immediately feel a pleasant warmth that will irremediably remind you of that feeling after smoking marijuana, but you will never have the effect of habitual cannabis use.

After the sensivity increase, one of the best effects of the CBD-infused lube is its ability to improve orgasms. Not only will they last longer, but they will be more intense. Both men and women will benefit from the empowerment of their senses in an unforgettable climax.

Finally, and before you surf the internet to find the CBD-infused lube that best suits your needs and tastes, find out which ones are compatible with latex. Now it only remains for you to vent unchecked in this new pathway of cannabis derivatives.

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