“Cannathletes”, sports and marijuana lovers.

There is a new type of marijuana consumer. It is not the classic stoner, nor is it a sporadic one who enjoys the taste and aroma of cannabis. It’s about the “cannathletes”, sportsmen that combine physical activity and cannabis use

Marijuana is the new fashion supplement and already triumphs among athletes from multiple parts of the world.

In the United States, the marijuana legalization in many states is leading it to enjoy a popularity like never before seen. Little by little, the old stigmas and stereotypes are vanishing and public opinion is acquiring a new perception about it. Thus, there are more and more different kinds of recreational marijuana users: from the classic stoner, to the one that does it sporadically to delight in its aroma and flavor, up to the last known profile, the “cannathletes”, those who enjoy physical training with the consumption of marijuana.

A priori, this combination is contraindicated because it is shown that cannabis induces relaxation and alters reflexes, but even so, these so-called cannathletes claim that it helps them in muscle recovery and when dealing with pain. In any case, it is a new trend that should not be ignored, and its influence has reached several cities, where cannabis is also used in other disciplines such as yoga, among others.

For cannathletes, Arnold Scharzenegger is an icon. At least, his image in the documentary Pumping iron, which he can be watched resting on a couch while enjoying a bit of marijuana. This picture has long been one of the best known and most widely disseminated internet memes. But cannabis use is not limited to lifting weights, but athletes from multiple disciplines also use it.

In these cases, cannathletes say that cannabis helps them improve their physical performance by the change of mentality that causes in their mind apart from their body. For example, runners say that under the effects of marijuana they are mentally stronger to face long distances; or the martial arts fighters, who claim that after consuming cannabis they feel more creative and less predictable when facing a fight.

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