Is cannabis the secret to great sex?

Cannabis had been considered as a relaxing substance, but a recent research has demonstrate that microdoses can help to make sex relations better.

Considered a relaxing substance, marijuana has been proved as a powerful aphrodisiac

Do you know that cannabis can provoque effects that were unknown until now? Do you think it will always make you feel slow and apathetic? Smoking a lot of pot can tamper with sexual ability, but cannabis has long been viewed as an aphrodisiac, and finding the accurate quantity can highly improve our sexual appetite.

The Passionate High – A Lovers Guide to Cannabis, by Nick Karas, explores the combination between sex and cannabis. The author says that “Micro-dosing is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of using cannabis to improve sexuality and intimacy”. “When incorporating the right strain, dosage and intention, cannabis users report that it increases sexual stamina and skill, awakens creativity, prolongs orgasms and intensifies the emotional bonding between partners”.

But how much is enough? Some sellers suggest that 2.5 mg – 5 mg is more than enough, but it all depends on each person an the smoking method. In any case, vaping and tinctures work better for this situation.

So, those who want to experience a better sex or are going through a bad sexual situation have this alternative to prove something different. They may well find the panacea of their lives.

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