Cannabis microdoses are the future.

High CBD cannabis and with very low levels of THC is becoming increasingly popular for both medicinal and recreational use. It is clear, cannabis microdoses are the future.

Increasing CBD and reducing THC results in a more attractive light cannabis for the general public.

The legalization of marijuana inevitably leads to the reduction of its effects to make it a product for the general public. Although it is still too early to confirm, there are countries like Switzerland that already show this trend, legislating to increase CBD and minimize THC to preserve only the medicinal properties of marijuana, as well as its aroma and flavor, and eliminate its psychoactive effect.

Surely the purists are against this trend, assuming the consumption of traditional cannabis as the only authentic, but microdoses have come to stay. We refer to amounts between 1 and 10 milligrams of THC, which could be ingested in a single puff or a small edible.

It is demonstrated that the consumption of cannabis microdoses is an effective treatment against anxiety, to combat sleep problems and even to treat diseases in children, which require a very specific amount of cannabinoids. Even for the elderly, it is said that the consumption of cannabis microdoses can improve sexual appetite.

However, in addition to all these medicinal properties of high CBD cannabis, what today seems to be more important is the paradigm shift that is causing in society, which looks with better eyes the consumption of a substance of which Its most damaging component has been almost eliminated.

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