Cannabis-infused beer, Blue Moon’s new product

Do you like beer? Cannabis too? Then this news interests you: the company Blue Moon, the best-selling craft beer in the world, prepares the launch of cannabis-infused beer, a product that promises to revolutionize the market.

The creator of the best-selling craft beer in the world has confirmed that it will go on sale in October

Everyone likes beer. That liquid of color between yellow and brownish, sparkling and refreshing, that gives so many joy during the year, especially in summer, when the sun hits, always has something new to offer us. After irrigating the human gorges for eons, and going through a multitude of inventions and novelties that have led to be mixed in a myriad of ways, now comes the definitive: cannabis-infused beer. A winning combination that promises to revolutionize both the beer and the marijuana market. However, in those places where cannabis for recreational consumption is totally legal.

This was announced by Keith Villa, creator of Blue Moon beer, the best-selling craft beer in the world. Based in Colorado, one of the states of the United States where recreational consumption is allowed and generates a significant amount of money to the government, cannabis-infused beer will be ready to go on sale in October.

This new marijuana beer from Blue Moon will replace alcohol with THC. No CBD, as cannabis edibles tend to get used to. In this way, alcohol effects are replaced by this cannabinoid, which promises to generate similar effects. That is, drinking three Blue Moon’s cannabis-infused beers, we will feel the same as if they were with alcohol.

The fact that they do not have alcohol is not only because of the beer composition itself, but it will facilitate commercialization by Blue Moon. Even so, cannabis remains illegal at the States, what seems that, for now, only Colorado citizens will be able to enjoy this beer.

This fact makes us rage inside, but we hope that not only in the United States will marijuana be legalized little by little for medicinal and recreational consumption, but that this tendency spreads to more and more countries in the world.

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