Cannabis industry, fastest growing sector of employment in the United States

The cannabis industry in a rising sector. In the United States more than 200,000 people work for cannabis, and states like California already benefit from the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use.

Marijuana legalization is boosting the cannabis industry and thousands of people are benefiting from it.

The data speaks for itself. According to Ian Siegel, director of, a job search website, the cannabis industry experiences an increase in hiring by 445% each year. This has been assured at a U.S. News & World Report conference, where it has become clear that the growth of the cannabis industry is unstoppable and that it is benefiting from the legalization of marijuana in many states, as well as in other countries in the rest of the world.

Favored by the legalization of recreational marijuana use this year, California is experiencing the greatest growth. Especially its capital, Los Angeles, which is ranked first in the ranking of cities with the highest increase in hiring in the cannabis industry. San Francisco goes in second place. Also, from the “golden state” are San José and Santa Bárbara, eighth and ninth respectively in this list. Rounding out the top ten are Denver (3rd), Seattle (4th), Miami (5th), Portland (6th), Las Vegas (7th) and Tallahassee (10th), the capital of Florida, which legalized medical marijuana in 2016.

According to data, the cannabis industry employs around 200,000 people in the United States. Last year, according to the Marijuana Business Daily, marijuana leaded bakers and dental hygienists in terms of jobs. If the trend continues rising, it is foreseen that employees of the cannabis industry will outnumber pharmacists and telemarketing workers.

This boom of the cannabis industry has taken place despite the lack of total stability at the legislative and educational level. The states where marijuana is illegal are the majority, at least in terms of recreational consumption; and there are still many mechanisms to convert the cannabis industry into one with the same controls as the pharmaceutical or the automobile, which generate billions of dollars every year. In addition, the study of cannabis in colleges and universities is still small, although there are some exceptions. Anyway, cannabis is undoubtedly an upward sector that can only grow in the coming years, both in the United States and worldwide.

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