Cannabis, the forbidden alternative

In this Vice video we know the testimony of some sick people who can live day by day thanks to medical cannabis.

The use of therapeutical marijuana and its multiple studies confront with its prohibition

Spain is a pioneer in organizations in favor of cannabis therapeutical use and the support to all the patients that use this plant to cure their different sicknesses. Step by step there are more and more organizations and associations that fight daily for its legalization for medical use, like Dos emociones, presided by Carola Pérez, who stops her chronic back pain thanks to cannabis. Despite of its visibility, the current situation of cannabis in Spain makes that a lot of patients go to Carola as the last choice.

Cannabis is a synonymous of pain relief to Mercedes de la Mata. It gives her relax, stops her spasms at night and has let her leave morphine and pills. “Why do not they let me choose?”, “What is wrong with that? Is it because cannabis does not make pharmaceutics and laboratories earn money?”, she asks.

Different experts from various fields have been studying cannabis for years with the aim of curing illness like cancer or perinatal asphyxia. Results start being good and newspapers are helping them with their news and reviews changing people’s thoughts about cannabis. In the case of cancer it does not mean that they are going to find the final solution, but it is demonstrated that THC stops tumor growth.

The situation is so hard that enterprises like The Green Wellness Center does not tell its address due to legal problems although they have a lot of clients who need marihuana derivates to overcome their pain, like the ones produced by chemotherapy and its substances like Tramadol. The legal situation makes them fear a raid, and also makes a patient waste more than 1.000 euros per month to pay their treatment.

To sum up, they all ask for a legal access to cannabis and its derivates without obstacles and contradictions and also under the law protection because they defend a medical use so as to make their lives a bit better.

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