Cannabis comes to Hollywood

The legalization of recreational marijuana in California has opened a range of possibilities to the cannabis industry and consumers. Also celebrities, who enjoy organic cannabis and new luxury accessories.

Hollywood celebrities also enjoy the legalization of recreational marijuana.

The legalization of recreational marijuana in California, in January of this year, has opened an infinite range of possibilities for the cannabis industry and marijuana users. Also for Hollywood celebrities.

As we discovered in this article about Hollywood celebrities who smoke cannabis, celebrities enjoy the flavor, aroma and effects of cannabis like any other person. We are talking about actors like Justin Timberlake, Matthew McConaughey, Kristen Stewart or Jennifer Lawrence, who have been caught infraganti smoking marijuana.

But Hollywood celebrities are always one step ahead, so they not only consume marijuana rolled in the classic joint, but in products such as drinks or joints already prepared in luxury packages, very stylish and vegan philosophy.

Some of the brands that are triumphing among Hollywood celebrities when it comes to cannabis use are Beboe, which sells vaporizers and pills in boxes perfect to carry, and Canndescent, which grows their plants with a totally organic methodology aimed at a high audience.

Apart from that, there are the luxury accessories, only suitable for those willing to pay vaporizers decorated with jewelry or pipes of some of the rarest and most exclusive crystals in the world.

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